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Finding the Cause of Abdominal Pain Left side abdominal pain may arise from the internal organs of the >> Read More Other health conditions: there are many conditions that play a part in back pain, including arthritis, cancer and ankylosing spondylitis. HomeHealth Self-help for rheumatoid arthritis. Soreness and Berberis vulgaris: 1X, every four hours for chronic synovitis of the knee. Home Health Conditions Arthritis Q&A: Is There A Remedy For "Stiff" Knees? A: There could be many causes for your stiff knee and just as many remedies. Osteo arthritis can be 'pain but no joint damage' or it can be 'pain -with- joint damage'. Next criteria should be managed: the patient is pain free, has a full joint mobility, no swelling, no pressure In that case, if a caretaker wishes to feed a vegan diet, a homemade diet may be the next best option, but even more care must be taken to insure appropriate nutrient balance and supplements may need to be added to the diet. 5 Exercises for Arthritis Joint Pain Relief; What is Osteoarthritis? When cause pain, daily life becomes difficult. You have probably heard of people who wear copper bracelets to help relieve arthritis pain. Recent increase in Alcohol or purine intake. We are specialized in providing arthritis treatment and diagnosing vasculitis patients. being members of society," Dr. There were no fractures and there was no arthritis.